Pharmacology Research Paper

The Pharmacology Research Paper should include the following sections: Drug name: Digoxin Title page Introduction and background The body of the paper should include the following 3 sections focusing on all aspects of the drug: Causes and various types of the chosen indication (disease/disorder) Treatment recommendations Pharmacological aspects of the recommended treatment Conclusion Reference page These sections are described below, and your paper should include the section headings that are underlined: Title page: This is a separate page by itself, with the following information centered in the middle of the page: course title, paper title, student’s name, instructor’s name, and date. Introduction and background: Start the paper on a new page. Write a paragraph briefly introducing the drug you have been assigned. Describe its main indications, that is the disease/disorder that the drug treats. Keep in mind that there could be many indications – diseases/disorders – that your specific drug can be used to treat, so choose just one – the most common one, or the one we are focusing on in class – and briefly mention how your drug is used in its treatment. The body of the paper should include the following 3 sections that are underlined, focusing on all aspects of the drug: This paper should focus on the drug and not the disease/disorder. Causes and various types of the chosen indication (disease/disorder): You will pick one indication for your assigned drug to focus on in this section. You will briefly tell the reader about the different types of the disease/disorder, as well as the primary causes of this disease. Treatment recommendations: In this section, you are going to present the common treatment options often given to combat the disease/disorder that you have chosen. This should include: Non-pharmacological treatments, if any Brief therapeutic information about different drugs, other than the one that has been assigned to you Pharmacological aspects of the recommended treatment: In this section, with a focus now on the drug assigned to you, provide a detailed explanation of the following key information in a systematic manner: Pharmacological class and indication Pharmacodynamics and Mechanism of action Pharmacokinetics (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion) Side effects and adverse effects Contraindications Be sure to include any relevant therapeutic considerations/patient teaching that logically/scientifically ties into the above sub-sections a-e. Conclusion: Summarize your findings. All good research papers should include a conclusion where you wrap up and summarize all of the important points made in your paper. References: As with the Title page, this should be a separate page by itself. All references should be included in correct and complete APA format. More than 5 current and authoritative sources, of which at least 3 are peer-reviewed journal articles or scholarly books. General Comments and Guidelines The research paper should be between 6-8 pages of content, double-spaced, which does NOT include the Title page and the Reference page – both these should be on separate pages and do NOT contribute to page count. It should be written in Times New Roman 12pt font. Be sure to number the pages, usually in the bottom right corner. All sources need to be cited properly in APA format. For help in formatting a research paper properly, please check the ‘Academic Writer’ link on the left navigation pane in your course in Canvas. Be sure to include in-text citations where appropriate. Please be sure to read the assignment rubric (next page) very carefully so you understand all of the aspects of the paper that will be graded. Finally, keep in mind that this is a Pharmacology Research Paper about your assigned drug, and not an Anatomy & Physiology Pathophysiology Paper about a disease. So, you need to just briefly explain the disease/disorder you have chosen, but the main focus of your paper should be on the drug in all sections and how it is used to treat the disease/disorder as well as all aspects that describe the drug in detail.

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