CEO of organization, for consumer driven healthcare

The CEO for your organization has announced that the organization must put more of a focus on consumer driven healthcare, and an urgent clinic division will be added as an answer to the recent uptick in retail health clinics in your area. For this assignment, develop a 4-6 page action plan, not including title page, and reference page, that will facilitate communication of the strategy. Your Action Plan should include but is not limited to, the following:

– Goals or objectives that detail how the new urgent care clinic division will contribute to the set strategy (e.g. tie this in with the organizational statements constructed).

– What will be required to meet the goals and objectives.

– Who is responsible for each goal and objective

– What resources will be required to achieve goals and objectives

– How results will be measured and evaluated. –

At least one age of your report should be dedicated to explaining the process for communicating the plan across the organization. C

Complete paper in APA style and have at least 3 scholarly articles within the past 5 years. DO NOT PLAIGARISE.

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