Written collection plan that addresses the potential nuclear threat posed by the Iran

The United States Intelligence Community operates as it pertains to the 5-Disciplines of Intelligence Collection. For this assignment, you will have an opportunity to deal with a real national intelligence collection issue, the Iranian nation’s ability to acquire or build a nuclear weapon, and their ability to successfully launch and detonate it against the United States or one of our allies.

You will assume the role of a DNI analyst and you will be tasked to conduct an open-source analysis of the Iranian threat. Next, you will assemble an intelligence collection plan in which you appropriately task the members of the United States Intelligence Community. During the approximate 4-weeks that you will have to complete this assignment, the course instructor may decide to interject through class announcements “intelligence” updates. It will be your responsibility to decide whether or not these updates need to be addressed which may require that you also alter your collection plan/analysis.

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