What lessons can be drawn from the UN’s failure to intervene effectively in the Syria conflict?

What lessons can be drawn from the UN’s failure to intervene effectively in the Syria conflict?

In this assignment you will complete a project proposal that will outline the dissertation they seek to undertake. The aim of this assessment is to have you write coherently and competently about their proposed research project.

Word count: 1,500 max

Your Project Proposal must include the following:

1. A clear working title for your research project

  • Short and simple is best
  • Name of agreed supervisor

2. A clear introduction and statement of aim and objectives

  • Clearly introduce your subject, providing key background themes and concepts
  • Set your aims and objectives – what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve it

3. Current ‘state of the art’ knowledge and context of the area in which you wish to work, including key literature and

  •  A critical review of key literature relating to your chosen topic
  • Focus on theoretical work and the global literature – not just the ‘case’ you are using (e.g. a particular country) and not just a historical and descriptive account
  • How does your work link to the work of others in the same or related fields?
  • Would your work support or contest the work of others?

4. Your methodology

  • Clearly describe your research approach, with awareness of implications of this choice
  • What theory(ies) are you using and how are they being applied
  • Are the methods clear and appropriate to achieve the project objectives? Are ethical issues fully discussed and addressed?
  • Specifically what literature or datasets are you using, or which participants are you working with and how

A list of key references which support your research proposal (not included in word count)

  • References should use the Harvard system. Such references should be used throughout your project proposal to demonstrate that you have read and understood the work of others.

All of the above sections are important, but everything ‘flows’ from your Aim & Objectives because in any research project, establishing your main purpose and how you are going to achieve it represents the whole basis for completing the research programme. Therefore, the value of your proposed research is assessed in relation to your research aim and objectives.

Remember that a project proposal is meant to be an accurate overview of your proposed research, so you need to provide enough detail for the reader to understand it. It should not exceed 1500 words, but you will require all of these words to achieve the objectives.

You really need a that sets up some discussion and debate.

It could be argued that the UN’s failure to intervene in Syria demonstrates the fundamental weakness of the UN system (and the whole principle of collective security) – this is the sort of position Realists would be likely to take. On the other hand, Liberals might argue it merely demonstrates the need for reform and strengthening of the UN system, e.g., Security Council reform. You could use this as the basis of your theoretical framework.

Your next step will be to come up with two or three research aims – think of these as the main steps you will need to take in order to answer the question.


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