Strategic Analysis of Coca Cola

6 pages task

Students will individually write and submit a research project (Term Paper) featuring a strategic analysis of a Multinational Corporation (MNC). This assignment requires you to demonstrate your understanding of the framework needed for the successful formulation of MNC’s corporate mission and global corporate strategy. Parameters and guidelines for the Term Paper are as follows:


Subject to the approval of the professor, the student will choose a MNC to be analyzed by that student individually. Submission of MNC will be done as part of the week 8 discussion board. The professor will indicate approval of the MNC as part of the grading of the discussion board.
Publicly traded corporations are generally preferred due to the availability of information. Not for Profit organizations are not allowed.


Historical analysis of the firm should include:
A brief overview of the MNC, including a mission/vision analysis
An overview of the MNC historical international strategy
Assessment of current international strategy should include:
Internal analysis of strengths and weaknesses,
External analysis of firm’s opportunities and threats
Assessment and critique the viability and strategic potential of the MNC’s current strategy.
Highlight the business challenges confronting this MNC in the global markets.
Based on the evaluation of the MNC’s current strategy, the student will recommend potential strategic alternatives for the MNC.

Required parameters:

The term paper will be weighted by the professor, as 30% of the student’s total grade.
6 – 8 pages, double spaced, typed, 12 pt. font, 1” margins. (not counting the title and references pages)
APA format.
Research materials should be high-quality sources such as those available through the library online databases. A reference page(s) is required for the term paper.
Project should be well organized and encompass the above subject and content guidelines

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