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The group proposal presentation will serve as the final assignment The presentation requires your group to demonstrate what you have learned in this course by choosing a specific topic and presenting a research proposal for studying your topic. This will include a research question, hypothesis, variables, and methodology. These presentations will take place during the last day of class (Wednesday, March 16) and should be no shorter than 8 minutes and no longer than 12 minutes. In addition, the use of visual aids (Powerpoint or Prezi) is required. Below is a summary of the format and how it will be graded.


  • Introduction to group members and the topic
  • Review of Topic – why is this an important topic to study? Is it relevant to current society?
  • Research question
  • Hypothesis/hypotheses
  • Variables – what is/are the IV and DV?
  • Methodology – how do you propose to study this research question?
  • Conclusion
  • Time for questions – this doesn’t count towards the time of the presentation

Grading Rubric:


15 points Review of the topic: Does this section provide a broad overview of the topic to be studied, including a discussion of why it is important and how it relates to our current culture/society?
15 points Research Question(s): Does the group clearly state the research question(s)?


15 points Hypothesis/Hypotheses: Are the hypotheses clearly stated? Do the hypotheses match the research question? Are they capable of being studied?


15 points Variables: Does the group clearly state what the independent and dependent variables will be? Do the variables match the hypothesis and research question?


25 points Methodology: Does the group clearly state their proposed methodology, including any study sample, research design, measures, etc.? Is the methodology appropriate for the research question(s), hypotheses, and variables?


5 points Conclusion: Does the group provide clear and appropriate concluding thoughts, including why findings from this study could be important?


5 points Presentation style and clarity: Is the presentation discussed rather than read? Is it rushed? Is the presentation clear? Are the visual aids used effectively?


5 points Timing: Does the presentation stay under 12 mins?

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