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What do you think about this discussion? How do your plan have the common elements?

Pls add to the person’s thought, not just make a statement. Give a reflection to make others think. (write direct and organized, use sources and information learned in the lectures.)

The first company I want to discuss is CVS. Their first phase focuses on what they call a holistic approach. Their workforce represents the surrounding communities they serve. They want employees to have similarities with customers in order to create a stronger connection. They also have they’re own Black Colleague Research Group. This company emphasizes African American inclusion, particularly. CVS describes how they have invested “nearly $600 million to advance employee, community, and public policy initiatives that address inequities faced by black people and other historically disenfranchised communities.” They use compelling data like the George Floyd case to support their efforts. They have gone above and beyond being proactive about this matter by doing things like involvement in social justice organizations and reaching out to diverse suppliers, which can tie into phase three with their implication. Their idea is to be similar to the public and their needs which is proven by their efforts for diversity.

Tesla is another company that is a big leader in diversity and inclusion but using a different technique. They focus a lot on education programs in order to teach a broader audience about what they do in order to prepare future generations. They state that their investments go to “communities like Reno, Nevada, Buffalo, New York, and Austin, Texas, to support the acceleration of robotics, STEAM and sustainability programming within the education systems and we offer first-in-line employment opportunities to program participants.” Their compelling data mentions how 33% of their directors and vice presidents are from unrepresented communities. These percentages show different ethnicities including black, Asian, Hispanic, and White. Tesla then recognizes the small women workforce they have obtained. They are aware they need to work on this aspect. Some of their biggest leaders are women who are working on inclusive steps to increase outreach to women.

While Tesla is big on education in order to create diversity within their workforce, CVS is focused on being relatable to the customers they have obtained. They both however mention underserved communities which include different races and backgrounds. They are both focused on reaching out to these communities in order to better their work place. Tesla and CVS want to welcome the same communities of individuals. They just want to train and implement it in different ways. Both have admiralable strategies and are doing outstanding jobs of outreach.

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