Quality Management (MGT 424) – Assignment 1

                          College of Administrative and Financial Sciences

                   Assignment 1

Quality Management (MGT 424)

Quality of Life program in Saudi Arabia

 The Quality of Life Program is one of the 20230 vision – realization programs, it. was launched in 2018 to improve the quality of life of citizens and visitors  The program main focus is to improve the lifestyle of individual, family and the society of Saudi Arabia as a whole, in addition to infrastructure development.

Access the program page https://www.vision2030.gov.sa/v2030/vrps/qol/ , look into the information provided to familiarize yourself with the program aspects; you will notice that many projects related to the program are already in process. Finally, answer the following questions, be aware that there is no one right answer as long as you defend your opinion with critical analyses and use the materials covered in the class.

Note: reading the Quality of Life Program Delivery Plan document is recommended.

The assignment questions:

  1. Choose one area from the quality program and provide general information ( transportation , housing , educational opportunities , social environment , healthcare , entertainment , culture , art , sport …etc) ( 100 – 150 words –  2 point )
  2. Highlight at least three plans that are positioned by the government to enhance the quality in the area chosen? ( 100 – 150 words – 2 point )
  3. Based on your understanding, what could be the most effective organizational structure (Hierarchical, matrix, cross-functional, product or process based structure) that can be used in order to organize the process of implementation, and why? ( 100 – 150 words – 2 point )

You are free to use more than one structure suggestion, however defend your answer with thoughtful reasons.

  1. Using the quality planning functions that you have studied earlier this semester, who are the interned target in your chosen area (be specific), what are their needs? ( 100 – 150 words – 2 point )
  2. How does this program fulfill these needs ( relate your answer to one of the quality approaches discussed in the class) ( 100 – 150 words –  2 point )


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