Project 2A:Pesuocode for implementing a Linux shell

You are to write a detailed pseudocode description for your design to implement the shell program (of Project 2) before you start the actual coding. This is the “problem solving” part of Project 2: Creating a Linux Type Shell Program (the problem to be solved is described in documents within that project assignment).

(pseudocode is an informal and high-level description of your algorithms, meant for human reading – look at Wikipedia for pseudocode if you need more of a definition)

This pseudocode must also contain details of any function that you intend to implement. Submit the pseudocode document through the “Canvas Assignment submission process” by the end of the day Friday 2/25. This is part of the Project 2: Creating a Linux Type Shell Program Download assignment and will be graded.

NOTE: Grading for Project 2 ( worth 8 points) and Project 2A (worth 2 points) combine for 10 Points.

Submit the pseudocode as a Word or Google document or plain text document (.docx,.odt, or .txt)

Grading Rubric for Project 2A

Project 2A should have sufficient detail that you can begin writing code directly from the pseudocode. Your submission will be graded (for a total of 2 points):

Enough detail to Be Implemented (0.25 pts)
Built-In Commands (0.25 pts)
Forking (0.25 pts)
Execing (0.25 pts)
Redirection (0.25 pts)
Pipes (0.25 pts)
Modular Functionality (0.25 pts)
Testing Plan (0.25 pts)

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