Policy Review

Policy Review

Part One – Policy Review

Review the recruitment policies of your school district. Write a brief analysis concerning their potential effectiveness.

Obtain and review the selection policies of your school district. Write a brief comparison of them with the process set forth in chapter four of the course text.

Part Two – Teacher Preparation Survey

Read through Partners in Preparation: A Survey of Educators & Education Preparation Programs.

The above survey contains results from throughout Louisiana when the State Department of Education began its Believe and Prepare initiative to revamp teacher preparation, including partnerships with traditional university programs and alternative certification programs.

Respond to the following based on your reading of Partners in Preparation: A Survey of Educators & Education Preparation Programs and background knowledge and personal experience when called upon to do so:

  1. List the three major findings identified by this survey.
  2. Of the three major findings, with which do you most identify based on your personal experience and/or having had discussions with other teachers about the way they were prepared to teach?  Explain your thoughts.

Part Three – Workforce Reports

Access one of the Workforce Reports previously mentioned as part of your Change Initiative Project (the regional workforce reports are in that section of Moodle) and respond to the following:

Discuss at least three pieces of data that suggest there should be a sense of urgency around the idea of recruitment in the field of education.

Part Four – Synthesis

Given that you have read chapter 3, the survey of educators, and at least one workforce report, reflect on how you would proceed as a principal of a school experiencing a shortage of qualified applicants for teaching positions and respond to the following: 

You have scheduled a meeting with the powers-that-be at the district level in regard to the issue of teacher recruitment.  Provide a brief outline, in writing, of what you would want your message to them to be, and develop three discussion questions that will help you interact with them about this issue.


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