MGT104 – International Business International Business in 2021 & Beyond

MGT104 – International Business
International Business in 2021 & Beyond – New Global Perspectives

Assignment # 2 – Week 7 – Assigned on Feb 25, 2022

PPT Presentations and Submission of Written Assignments are due on the date your team presents, or April 6 Worth 20% of total grade

About this assignment:

You are the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. Your ideas and creativity matter! Considering the
challenges that the world has undergone over the past year due to COVID-19 restrictions affecting the economy, doing
business internationally will likely never be the same. This assignment has been created to provide you the opportunity to
utilize your learnings from this International Business course and awareness of world news, politics, the economy and
different cultural insights, to provide suggestions for positive change.

First, read the article “The next normal arrives: Trends that will define 2021 – and beyond” from McKinsey Insights,
McKinsey Global Institute; written by Shubham Singhal and Kevin Sneader in January 2021.

Note the proper formatting for this reference article is:

Singhal, S., Sneader, K. (2021 January 4). The next normal arrives: Trends that will define 2021 – and beyond. McKinsey
Insights, McKinsey Global Institute. normal-arrives-

There are 3 sections to this article that consider the following:
a) How the COVID-19 crisis and the recovery are shaping the global economy

-confidence, consumer rebound, travel for leisure or business, innovation, entrepreneurship, and digital

b) How businesses are adjusting to the changes prompted by the COVID-19 crisis
-shopping behaviour, supply chain management, future of work, biopharma revolution, portfolio restructuring,
and green recovery

c) How the COVID-19 crisis could change society
-health care systems, government debt, and stakeholder capitalism

Yes there are many challenges that lay ahead, but opportunities are on the horizon! OPPORTUNITIES – to develop good
leadership in government and business, improve productivity, encourage green sustainable growth, medical innovations
and resiliency. All of these concepts could provide an enduring foundation for long-term growth for the economy and the
wellbeing of people.

I encourage you to “think outside of the box.” How do you envision a better world?

The following page describes how this assignment is structured and the last page describes the grading process utilizing
the criteria described in the rubric. Be sure to read and follow the instructions carefully.

You will begin by reading the article, as noted above. Then you’ll arrange to meet with your “team” to begin discussions
as to what topic or topics your group wishes to address for this assignment. Remember that you will be representing the
country that your team has been assigned to and your group presentation will reflect the perspectives of how that country
could/should move forward in 2021 and beyond.


The Task:

– You will work with your assigned teams, the same team members as for your case studies. – Each team is
assigned a country to represent based on your team number:

1 = Russia, 2 = Australia, 3 = Brazil, 4 = United Kingdom, 5 = Germany, 6 = China, 7 = Mexico, 8 = Canada

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