Lifespan Developmental Assignment Solution

Lifespan Developmental Assignment Instructions-20%

Requirements for Submission:

This is an embedded assignment that will be completed by all students for all sections of this course. The rubric for grading this assignment is attached to the syllabus. Please complete the assignment according to the rubric and instructions. Attach the rubric when submitting the assignment. Both must be submitted at the beginning of class on the due date. Please also note APA, grammar and mechanics are a deduction in this paper. Review Rubric prior to submission. This is a 3-4 page limit. (Min. 2 pages).


You are provided with a Case Study. Please review the case study, discuss the family, select a family member to discuss typical developmental pattern from physical, cognitive (Piaget) and psychosocial (Erik Erickson) perspective. Identify potential health issues (provide example of a screening tool to gather more information) and health promotion. Support your findings from the case study, textbook and articles.

First Paragraph:

You are required to identify various age groups of all the family members in the Case Study. Identify their lifespan Stages and circumstances- (Consider environment and Social Determinants of Health).

Second Paragraph:

You will select an individual out of the case study to focus your assessment and provide support using lifespan development theory. (Infancy, Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, Adolescence, Young/Middle Adulthood, Late Adulthood). Please introduce your individual and their Lifespan stage in the paragraph. You will discuss the physical, cognitive and psychological health of the member and support findings from case study with lifespan development theory.

You will choose an appropriate screening tool (risk/wellness) which may help you to gather more data about the individual. Briefly explain the tool and its significance for your assessment.

In the final paragraph – Identify potential issues in this family environment which could affect the health, growth and development of the member. Also, discuss health promotion that would be appropriate to the person or developmental stage you are discussing in your paper. You can utilize a Health Promotion that is already available from reliable sources. (Public Health, Peel Region, Heart and Stroke, etc). You will need to provide support for your choice of Health Promotion from credible sources.

Please note: You are not a practicing health care professional as you do not as yet have the knowledge, skill or judgement to diagnose. Consider Medical vs. Nursing Diagnosis. Your assignment is to determine an appropriate Health Promotion after you review the case study.


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