Install and run Intrusion Detection Systems

Install and run Intrusion Detection Systems to determine which system if either are a best choice for your client. You will install and run the programs, take screen shots of the process, and then analyze the output. Then you will analyze which system you will recommend. If you choose neither system, you will need to find, run, and analyze data on another system and then discuss why this is a better choice.

  • Take note of the operating system you are using.
  • Choose the type of Snort to use based on your operating system.
  • Download a free Snort Users’ Manual
  • Download and install TCPdump.
  • Download free Snort and install it.
  • Run a TCPdump trace
  • Analyze a Snort ASCII output.
  • Read Snort rules and learn the different rules of handling Snort outputs.

Take screenshots of findings and make a table to report what you find. Submit the table, screenshots, and a brief summary of the pros and cons of an Intrusion detection program vs an Intrusion prevention system based on your research and testing.

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