IAM in a federated cloud application

Write an essay of at least 500 words discussing discussing IAM in a federated cloud application.

Do not copy without providing proper attribution. This paper will be evaluated through SafeAssign.

1.) Use the Danforth Library online resources to obtain three references that provide information about your topic; if you don’t understand how to do this send an email to libraryhelp@nec.edu, or watch their youtube video. THIS IS VERY ESSENTIAL. Do not proceed until you are able to use this resource. (Our librarians suffer “foolish” questions in stride.)

2.) Read your references. Read them until you have thoughts that will inform and drive your writing. Here’s an idea… you can print out your refences and mark them up with a highlighter. You can make margin notes. You can perpare a lunch that will sustain you during this effort.

2.) Extract one relevant full-sentence quote from each reference,

3.) Weave these sentences into your writing,

4.) Make the relationship between each selected sentence and each reference explicit,

5.) Don’t steal material and claim it as your own (otherwise known as plagiarism),

6.) Use the 5/5 format: Five paragraphs, each one needs five sentences,

7.) Use quotation marks to delineate the full sentence quotes that you extracted from your references, e.g., “Dogs bark”, instead of dogs bark.

If you are unable to follow these seven points. I will give you a less than perfect score and endless opportunities to repeat your work.

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