Healthcare Human Resource Management

Scenario: You are the practice manager of a large multi-specialty group practice. At your monthly leadership meeting, the Director of HR and Operations stated the practice would be changing landscaping companies. You know the Director’s ex-husband owns the current landscaping company, and her son just started the landscaping company she’s suggesting now be used.

In an essay format, address the following points:

  • Explain the ethical and/or legal issues at play in this scenario.
  • Explain how you would handle receiving this information in the meeting (would you speak up, or say nothing?).
  • Explain how you would handle this information after the meeting (would you talk to someone, if so, whom?).
  • In a closing paragraph, provide your recommendation for how the practice’s landscaping contract should be handled. Include all relevant details and steps that would need to be taken to fulfill your recommendation.
  • APA requirements: Title page, reference page, in-text citations, three references.

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