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Explore, in a concrete way and based on topics reviewed, the most relevant aspects of Supply chain for one worldwide known finished good.

Work in activities, within the program with enough productive time to structure a business case/assessment.

It is planned to invest a maximum of 6 extra hours of your time, calculation and numerical analysis are not expected.


Have a laptop with Internet connection and all desire and availability to “team work”

Follow and participate on the topic discussions prior to each activity.

Work with your team in each activity, assessment submission is to be individual relating to a specific chosen brand.

  • Apply the concepts and topics reviewed, research online or based on own experience about some of the elements of Supply Chain below. Use specific webpages of the chosen brand name, independent reports, research studies related to the same product line, etc.
  • Write a maximum of 2 paragraphs per section with concrete statements related to the finished good (FG) chosen/assigned. Pictures and videos related to the topics are more than welcome (“An image talks more than many words”)
  • All the activities will be coached by the Instructor-Facilitator with a strong and practical business approach.

Reference the sources where you find information at the end of the document

  • Commercial, technical and academicals sources are accepted.
  • Make sure to use credited and trustable sources. (e.g. Wikipedia, personal social media etc. are no aceptable)
  • Own experience and willingness to share is also a good source and reference.

Business Case/Assessment

Professional Certificate Program

Supply Chain Network Structure

<Finished Good>

<Brand Name>

< Name>

Instructor-Facilitator: William Blanco




Make or Buy

  • Are your FG or materials required to be made or purchased?
  • Explain the business reasons why the company may have decided either to make or buy.

Procurement process

  • Explain how value is added thru the procurement process of your FG
  • Elaborate on how the procurement process of your FG is linked to the planning process
  • Why negotiation is crucial when establishing relationships with Suppliers of your FG or material required to manufacture your FG.

Warehousing Operations

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  • What is the WMS used for your FG process, if it is not known guess/estimate what could be used and explain why. There is a good variety of WMS offered in the market.

Operational Activities

  • Explain the Receiving, Storage, Order Fulfillment and Preparation for shipment for your FG or process of it. Elaborate on how is the interaction and process with the 3PL

Manufacturing & Service Operations

Type of Process

  • Is your business related to your FG involving manufacturing?
  • If so, state the type and the process of manufacturing.
  • Where your FG can be classified


Describe the Management, Manufacturing and Service operations related to your FG

Transportation Operations

Mode (s)

  • What types of transportation modes are used for the distribution of your FG?
  • Explain the process


  • How Intermodal is or can be applied for your business and FG?

Customer Service

Competitive advantage

  • Describe the advantages that your company have against competitors selling your FG or similar products

Communication strategy

  • What are the communication channels used by the company to obtain and keep customers?


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  3. <Ref 3>
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