Final Project Part II: Revised Report

  1. Project Management Plan Template
  2. Susan Smith
  3. A &D High Tech
  4. QSO 355

Table of Contents


  1. Project Overview
    1. Roles and Responsibilities
    2. Scope and Schedule
  2. Tasks
    1. Description
    2. Time
    3. Dependencies
  3. Resources
    1. Alignment
    2. Evaluation
  4. Risk
    1. Sources
    2. Strategies
  5. Budget
  6. Schedule


Purpose of Project Plan: In this project plan,  the company named A&D High Tech’s objective is to introduce a new online shopping site before the Christmas shopping season, a period during which the firm typically generates a significant amount of revenue. Ideally, the company wants to decrease expenditures and improve its operations. This project also serves as a contractual relationship between the project manager, Chris Johnson, contractors and other A&D High Tech member of the team that are involved in the project.


Background: A&D High Tech is a Midwest-based firm that sells and repairs computers. It began by offering small companies custom-built computer equipment, services, and merchandise. It was the first computer company. Even though A&D only served the Midwest area, CEO Ted Walter began looking for ways to extend the company’s market. After investigating the obstacles of selling their goods through shopping mall retail shops and phone orders, A&D chose to construct its first ERP system in 1999. This new system was designed to manage all phases of production. As a result, the organization reduced costs and increased returns on data warehousing and supply chain investments. Management thought they needed to concentrate on internet sales to compete with successful online firms. A&D thought that having an internet presence would boost firm efficiency in a competitive sector full of advanced technologies.


Project Approach: Taking an agile strategy would allow A & D to successfully join the internet market while also assisting the project team in the development of a successful project management plan. An agile approach will allow for the building of a new online system that is specifically tailored to the needs of the client. It will also provide sufficient space for the development of a solid task structure in the event that the project plan has to be adjusted.

Project Overview

Project Overview: Each project member’s tasks and responsibilities are defined in the Stakeholder Register. Estimating resources and time required is also attainable by breaking down the project timeline into responsibilities and sub-tasks.

A. Roles and Responsibilities

B. Scope and Schedule

Scope: The goal of this project is to create a versatile customized online system that will enable the company to reach the online global market. This strategy will help the company grow and reach a new customer base. A&D High Tech’s online store should be constructed utilizing the specified software and device requirements, as well as customizing the online store platform to meet the needs of online consumers and the company’s technical infrastructure.

Schedule: The project’s timeline will be divided into several steps, each of which has a specific amount of time that the project management team needs to observe. The project will start in May and should end by November.


Tasks Overview: An easy-to-understand work breakdown structure (WBS) will help the project team identify tasks. For the A&D High Tech company, the project was divided into various distinct subcategories to make it easier to manage.

A. Description

B. Time

Impact of Time Estimates on Project Schedule: The estimated time has a significant impact on the project’s timetable. In this case, the project must be finished before the start of the Christmas season. Work performance data will be collected every week in order to monitor and calculate project development and timetable estimations. In addition, the project’s progress will be tracked to identify any impacts.

C. Dependencies


Resources Overview: This project will be carried out by the management team with support from A&D’s internal and external resources. Since the company lacks software developers, the project manager is required to outsource software developers.

A. Alignment

B. Evaluation

Resource Evaluation: During my analysis of the company’s resources, I determined that they would have sufficient resources to handle the tasks at hand. A minor gap exists in the WBS  and it is found in one of the development teams. Currently, there is no information on the three developers who will be needed for their jobs. If developers can be identified for this project, the two primary milestones of development and testing should be able to proceed without interruption.


Risk Overview: Risk management includes the procedures of planning, identifying, assessing, and managing project risks. The Risk Register Template is intended to assist a project manager in determining if too many or too few tasks have been given.

A. Sources

A Risk Register was prepared to identify possible sources of risk for this project. Each risk in the register has been assessed for frequency of occurrence and once for severity.

B. Strategies


Every recognized risk has a risk mitigation strategy allocated to it by the Risk Register. Risk reduction strategies include reducing, avoiding, transferring, and doing nothing. The limit method demonstrates a motion to guarantee that the dangers workable impact is reduced. The avoid technique implies that the danger should be avoided entirely. The risk should be transferred to another person or organization.




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