Journal Entries on Media Studies

Write TWO journal entries on any TWO of the following topics. Each entry should be between 800-1,000 words long. You must combine theory and information with personal reflections on the topics/personalities/issues you discuss. There is no need for APA-style referencing but you do need to acknowledge your sources in the text as well as at the end of each entry.
The following topics are:
1) Write a journal entry that describes and reflects on the phenomenon of “citizen journalism” as defined by Dan Gillmor (see uploaded chapter on mycourses). Think about its pros and cons, and consider the possible dangers of a media system where well-paid, professional journalists are a rarity. Please read the Dan Gillmor chapter and the chapters on participatory journalism that I posted for you on mycourses. This article should also help inspire you: (Links to an external site.)
2) Social media and political activism (2) Explore how social media is being used in the ongoing Trump-Clinton-Sanders presidential race. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of social media in contrast to traditional news sources here, and please make your answer personal – reflect on how the various online campaigns are affecting you emotionally as well as rationally. Sources you may find useful are: Dan Gillmor, Long and Wall, Nick Davies