Effects of Power and Politics in an Organization

Power and Politics in an Organization

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Power and Politics in an Organization

  1. Introduction
  2. Power and politics in organizations have shaped the way businesses operate within the markets. The rate of success, productivity, and employee satisfaction are affected by the politics and power exercised by the management.
  3. Market dynamics and use of modern technology in the corporate society today has forced the organization to avoid using power and politics in a negative way
  4. The current paper will address power and politics in organizations in the 21st century. In addition, the effects of power and politics within the organizations will also be addressed.
  5. Body
  6. Power and Politics in organizations
  7. Applied power and politics determine influence within an organization and how jobs are done. Organizational objectives and goals are achievable when there is a balance of power and politics (Somoye, 2016).
  8. Past studies show that in modern society today, destructive office politics (Cheong, 2021) is the main problem in most organizations in the 21st century.
  9. Positive effects of power and politics in organizations
  10. Right influence and right promotions
  11. Employees recognition and award systems
  12. Improved performance and productivity (Arora & Rao, 2018).
  13. Negative effects of power and politics in organizations
  14. Negative dominant behaviors like high employee absenteeism
  15. Low employee turnover
  16. Low retention rates
  17. Undermining the reputation of others
  18. Conclusion

Power and politics in modern organizations have affected the way organizations are operated. Politics and power can have both negative and positive effects within the organizations. It is the mandate of the organizational leadership to ensure that politics exercised within the organizations do not corrupt employees. Having a balance between power and politics ensures increased productivity and performance within the organization.


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