Discussion Board Assignment 1

Discussion Board Assignment 1 takes place Week 5. Original post due Wednesday 3/2 by 11:59 pm. Note: Reply posts can be posted up to 2 days after the deadline for your original post (reply posts must be submitted by Friday 3/4 )

General Instructions: This assignment is an interactive posting based discussion activity created to encourage interaction between students as well as student and instructor. Each discussion board activity is focused on a central theme with corresponding questions. Your participation will be graded based on the completion of required tasks (listed below), and the depth of analysis and engagement in your posts- see grading rubric for DB posts.

For each discussion board activity, you are required to complete two elements:

1) Submit an original post, in your own words and properly cited if using published material, that answers the question or questions listed for the assignment (at least 250 words long- prepared in advance) posted by the deadline. Write your post as if it were a written assignment that you would turn in. Many people have points deducted because they submit their posts using slang language, e-mail or a text message formats. Note: Do not forget to capitalize the letter “I”. If you need help using proper grammar click onto the external links button and use the Purdue Owl Writing center.


2) Respond to at least 2 other student’s posts. Note: Responding posts can be posted up to 2 days after the deadline for your original post.

Remember the assignment is to get you talking about what you have discovered. Use specific examples both in your answers to the questions and to your response to other students’ postings. Check out the Grading Rubric (View Rubric) before you submit your posts.

Discussion Board Assignment 1 Instructions:

1) Read pages 3-4 in the textbook about the 7 dimensions of Health and Wellness (physical, intellectual, psychological, spiritual, social, environmental, and occupational), and then:

2) Describe a health concern you have, that you feel comfortable sharing with the class (example: risk factor for diabetes, or not getting enough sleep, or having anger issues).

3) State what dimension your health concern belongs in (example: diabetes risk, and not getting enough sleep is the physical dimension, anger issues are in the psychological dimension).

4) Include a plan (steps needed to address this concern), that you are doing or would like to do, to move toward better health in this area (specifically with your stated health concern).

5) Submit your post by clicking onto Reply -typing in your information, or attaching a file.

6) Respond to at least 2 other student’s posts by reading their thread and clicking on the reply button. Your response needs to have some depth by giving specific examples of why you are saying what you are saying- In other words, don’t simply post ” that was a great idea you had”. See example posts below.

In your reply posts DO NOT Diagnose other students’ health issues- instead, share how you relate to their health concern, or just be empathetic (put yourself in their shoes) to what they have posted.

Here’s an example post: Discussion Board 1 post Example

Discussion Board Rubric 120

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