Cyber Security Question

1) On April 18, 2016, The United States Supreme Court denied a petition for certiorari (refused to review the lower court’s ruling) in the case of Authors Guild v. Google, Inc., 804 F. 3d 202 – Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit 2015. Please look this case up and read it.

Tell me what you would do if you were the Supreme Court.

That case let stand the ruling of the Court of Appeals which can be found at the following website:


Please write a 500-word summary of fair use as this court decision says it.

2) describe an instance of plagiarism or other use of another’s intellectual property with which you are familiar. Please give one argument condemning this conduct and one argument defending it. (Minimum of 300 words)

And please provide 4 different opinions on the same topic, each should be at least 100 words.

Requirements: 500

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