CPT Questions

1) What is the difference between a relative cell reference and an absolute cell reference? Give an example of when you would use each.

2) What does what-if analysis do? What are the two methods Excel provides for using what-if analysis? What is a real-world example in which you would use what-if analysis?


3) Why would you use a chart in Excel? List two different types of Excel charts and a situation in which you would use each.

4) What are sparklines? What is the goal of sparklines, and why are they useful? List the three types of sparklines available in Excel.


5) What is a hyperlink? What are some resources for hyperlinks? What are the steps for creating a hyperlink in Excel?

6) What is a names range? What is the easiest way to name a range in Excel? Explain one other method for naming a range in Excel.


7) What does sorting mean? What does filtering mean? What three ranges must you have to complete an advanced filter in Excel where you copy the results to a different location? Explain each range.

8) What are three advantages of converting a range in Excel to a table? List the steps involved in creating a table in Excel if you were using the range A7:G34.

Requirements: 50-75 words each

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