Comprehensive Problem with an Excel templates provided

Comprehensive Problem Instructions

  1. You will find Comprehensive Problem #1 at the end of Chapter 5 in your text (after all of the exercises and problems)
  2. Download the template provided for this assignment. Please note, you must use the templates provide. Do not create your own Excel sheets.
  3. At the bottom of the Excel template, you will see different sheets (tabs) that need completing. Each sheet shows a different part of the problem you must complete.
  4. When completing the problems you must show the Function used in Excel. Excel Functions are predefined formulas within Excel. In other words, you cannot just put the numeric answer in a cell. You must instruct Excel to do the specific computation you would like. This is required; otherwise, credit for your work will not be given. An example, the function =SUM(A1:A3, C1:C2, E2) will add the values of all cells.
  5. Complete and submit your solution as one file attachment.
  6. All Parts are to be completed using the provided Excel Template file In the Module
  7. All supporting calculations are to be shown.
  8. Make sure you save your work while completing this problem.
  9. There are several parts to these comprehensive problems, so please allow enough time to complete it and review it before handing it in.
  10. Title the finalized file as “Comprehensive Problem 1_YourLastNameFirstName” and upload to this assignment.

Check Figures:

Please note the correct ‘Trial Balance’ is included on the provided Excel Template file in the Module. There should be eight separate adjusting entries.

Net income should be $16,344.

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