COMM1020 Partial Draft Assignment


Partial Draft assignment (15%)

Due in Week 7

This partial draft writing assignment will be your first opportunity to put use your topic thesis and research to start writing the introduction and background of your report in the correct APA 7 format.


Using the APA Title page you created in class, write the introduction, with your thesis statement, your background and some of your discussion details for your research topic. Refer to the appropriate PowerPoint materials in D2L to help you to plan your writing.

  • Create this writing assignment using MS Word (spell check, grammar check).
  • Format document using correct APA 7 formatting (font, margins, line spacing, heading)
  • Use at least 2 sources in your writing that are correctly formatted in APA 7 style.
  • Include the source information on an APA 7 formatted References page to be included on a separate page as part of this assignment.
  • Use of 1 visual (photo, image, chart, diagram, table) correctly formatted & cited.
  • Review assignment Rubric to ensure you have completed all expectations for this assessment.
  • Submit this partial draft document to the designated D2L dropbox once you are finished
  • Check your Turn It In results in the D2L dropbox to ensure you have correctly cited sources and paraphrased properly to avoid plagiarism.

Value: 15% of final grade


  • Meets expectations for word count (800 words written)
  • Contains original written material formatted using APA 7 style
  • Includes 1 quotation and 1 paraphrase from sources used in your research portfolio
  • All formatting is APA 7 style
  • Review assignment rubric (see attached)
COMM1020: Partial Draft report Rubric
Report Format – 20 A B C D F x Score
Report Elements (10) 5 4 3 2.5 2-0
Present and Accurate
  • All 3 prefatory items
  • Required sections: introduction, background, solutions and criteria
  • References for sources used to date
Appearance (10) 5 4 3 2.5 2-0
Meets APA 7 Report Requirements
  • All report formatting and elements: margins, page numbers, headings, fonts, spacing, reference page, paraphrasing, quotations, tables and figures
Organization and Content – 60 A B C D F x Score
Introduction (20) 5 4 3 2.5 2-0
Effective for the Purpose
  • Purpose and benefits of the report are clearly stated
  • Topic announcement is clear
  • Thesis is fully and clearly articulated
Discussion (40) 5 4 3 2.5 2-0 X
Background (20)
  • Sufficient context is provided; need/problem is summarized concisely
  • Key terms are defined as needed
Solutions and Criteria (20)
  • Solutions and criteria are explained in detail.
Writing – 20 A B C D F x Score
Sentences and Paragraphs (15) 5 4 3 2.5 2-0
Conform to Principles
  • Report purpose is fully developed with effective sequencing and transitions
  • Sentences are coherent, fluent, varied, and effective in structure, length, type, beginnings, and connectives
  • Paragraphs are well-developed, coherent, and fluent; structure enhances clarity
  • Meets academic standards for capitalization, spelling, and punctuation
Style (5) 5 4 3 2.5 2-0
Appropriate to the Situation
  • Student writing / voice is genuine and consistent
  • Vocabulary is appropriate and tone is professional
Total for Report– 100 marks Your mark: /100


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