List of Case Study topics.

Pick ONE drug from the following list:

  • Recombinant Factor VIII
  • Corbomycin
  • Cyclosporin
  • Golodirsen
  • Givosiran
  • Galantamine
  • Bamlanivimab
  • Tocilizumab

“For the drug you have chosen present a detailed overview of the research that underpins a molecular/biochemical and medical understanding of the medical condition(s) that it treats. Then discuss the discovery of the drug itself, critically evaluate the research that went into developing it as an effective treatment, how its efficacy in treating the medical condition is monitored, the clinical trials process that allowed its approval for use, and how it is now produced en masse for provision to the health sector”.


  • Write a case study essay of 2000 words following the brief above.
  • Develop the case study in a critical manner and use examples to illustrate your answer where appropriate.
  • You should start with an introduction, have a well written and logical section of information and discussion in the main part and end with a conclusion which is substantiated by the discussions which preceded it.
  • The case study should be well referenced in an appropriate format (e.g. Harvard style). You must quote the references in full at the end of the essay to say where you obtained your information. Primary references will get more credit than quoting either text books or reviews. Please avoid quoting websites. For this assignment we would expect between 20 to 25 references.
  • You are strongly encouraged to make use of diagrams. Credit will be given for diagrams that are designed and drawn by the individual, rather than copied/scanned out of papers and books. Diagrams may be hand-drawn if neat, but preferably computer drawn if possible. Use figure legends appropriately. Please bear in mind that the diagrams need to convey a clear message which illustrates a point being made in the essay and need to be cross-referenced within the text. Figures and their legends DO NOT count towards the word count.

Marking Criteria

Your case studies will be independently first and second marked by members of the teaching team for the module using the level 3 marking criteria.

In particular we will be asking the following questions when awarding marks:

Has the work submitted adhered to the brief and covered all the aspects required?

Does the case study essay tell a logical story from start to finish?

Is the case study essay appropriately critical and does it discuss and show good understanding of the relevant issues. limitations and other concerns associated with the research and clinical trials undertaken?

Is there evidence of an appropriate level of further reading and correct, evidence-based argument within the case study?

Is there good use of explanatory diagrams to further illustrate points being made and to summarise the information presented?

Is the case study essay generally well written, concisely and in good scientific English without typos and grammatical errors?

Overall, does the case study engender interest from the reader and provide a conclusion that suggests further avenues for future research and development?


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