Business Question

Writing is an effective means of communication, and it is important for professionals in either industry to develop quality writing skills. Each student will write a six-page paper on one of the following topics:

A historical examination on the American Playground Movement of the 19th-century (Recreation)

A historical examination of the impact of Antitrust laws on the sport industry (Sport Management)

The information for this paper must come from peer-review articles/academic journals that you can locate in the Jacksonville State University Library (Links to an external site.) databases section. The paper must be written in APA 7th edition (Links to an external site.) formatting. Please subscribe to the SMART STUDENT (Links to an external site.) on YouTube and follow her directions. MORE INFO;

The paper requirements include double-spaced, 12 point type size, and Times New Roman font. There should be one-inch margins all around the paper. I’ve already found the information for the paper I can send to you

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