Business case: India Market Online delivery

India market is a very big grocery store for Indian products near clark university, Worcester. As almost every Indian product is available here, it got tremendous popularity in this locality.

The business for them is very huge, because of near by Indian communities. But they were not delivering the products with online orders. As the public transportation is very minimal in this area, it is very hard to travel there without own vehicle. There were many people in the Worcester, especially students of different universities. Its really hard to travel there every week for the grocery.

So, it will be beneficial to both the nearby people and the Indian Market. They should start taking online deliveries and deliver them to the door step of the customers. It may not to be delivered whole day, but they can get orders whole day and deliver them only twice a day. With a proper route map, the delivery drivers can start delivering them from the nearest destination to the far destination, twice a day(Morning & Evening). It may not be to very far destinations but can be delivered to nearest destination with a radius of 10 miles from the Indian Market Store.

With this online orders the business of Indian Market will definitely increase which will also helps the nearby public to get groceries delivered to the door step very easily. Especially, in this covid situation, it will helps the customers to get the required groceries.

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