BUS 152 Assignment No: 1

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Assignment No: 1 Section No:
Course Code: BUS 152 Course Name: Macroeconomics
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Task: In this assignment, you are to summarize a podcast episode you find interesting and then present in class. First, each group has to find and listen to a podcast discussing any macroeconomic concept. The podcast can be in English or Arabic. Then, you will prepare a presentation (in English) summarizing the podcast to your classmates.

This assignment aims to familiarize and expose you to major economical concepts. It provides an opportunity for you to learn to think critically by listening to and interpreting a podcast using visual aids.

Topics could be related to:

  1. Production and growth
  2. Inflation
  3. The effects of Coronavirus epidemic on the global economy
  4. Money system in any given country

Or any topic within macroeconomics scope.


  • Project teams of five members should be formed to undertake this assignment.
  • Each group has to confirm their selection of the podcast with their instructor by sharing a link to the podcast episode.
  • Support your data presented in the presentation with evidence of academic research from EBSCO Journal Sources, government websites, newspapers and internet research.
  • Due date is week 6, during our class time.
  • The submitted assignment must be labeled as the following: [BUS 152 / Sec # / podcast episode name].
  • The submitted report must include the following:
    • The cover page
    • The slides
    • References in APA style (Remember to list the podcast in your references)
  • Plagiarized work will not be marked.
  • See below rubric.


S.No Criteria Marks
Student name No:
1 Content (Group mark)

(content is clear and easy to understand, purpose of the, presentation is stated clearly, key terms are defined and, jargons are avoided, analysis and findings are precise, conclusions are stated clearly)

2 Teamwork (Group mark)

(display team skills and coordination in the presentation, logical sequence in the flow of the presentation)

3 Presentations (Individual mark)

(the presenter used appropriate verbal communication [flow of information, comprehensible, linking section], short and to the point presentation, presenter gave adequate response to the questions. all team members equally involved, professionalism in presentation and conduct)

4 Appearance (Group mark)

(display attracts viewers attentions, words are easy to read from an appropriate distance, posters are well organized, graphics and other visuals enhances the presentations, the poster is neat and appealing to look, creativity)

Total /30


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