Assess a quantitative research article of your own choosing

Find a quantitative research article from a referred journal (such as Social Jorces, Criminology, The Socioogical Quarterly, Gender and Society, etc.). If you have difficulty findin one, please email and I can assist you.

Read the article in its entirety and follow the following questions:

1. Full bibliographic citation of the article

2. What is the research question or if one is not stated, what is the research about? (hypothesis re relationship between the IV and DV)

3. What are the ethical challenges or concerns for this research?

4. Describe the study design, how many respondents, describe the sample (who are they), probability or non-probability sample, describe data collection methods used or was it an available data set

5. What are the major findings?

6. What are your reactions to this reserach? Were you able to understand the article, was it intellectually accessible?

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