CRJ Victims and the Criminal Justice Discussion

Answer ONE of these questions in your discussion post:

  • What are some of the challenges in defining and measuring intimate partner violence? How should it be defined and measured that would be of most help in understanding and reducing or preventing it? Justify your answer.
  • What factors are involved in why victims are unable to leave their abusers? Include the dynamics of battering and intimate partner violence which best describe the major reasons why victims are unable to leave their abusers. Justify your answer.

Discussions should ideally be at least 600 words and follow the guidelines listed below. They will be graded on quality and not quantity.


  • Minimum 600 words
  • Thoroughly addresses the prompt
  • Cites a minimum of two sources (may be textbook, media shared and any additional learning materials from the course)
  • Primarily written in the third (and not first) person for original posts
  • Due date for initial post: Thursday 02/24/22 by 11:59 p.m. Arizona time.




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