2 Network Questions(ACL)

Exercise 1: Study the network diagram carefully and write ACLs for each of the given specifications

(requirements). You must use extended ACLs only when necessary. The ACL must be complete (that is,

indicate the router and the interface that you will put it on) and correct (syntactically and must meet the

security requiremen

Exercise 2: Write two programs (one for standard and one for extended) that simulate the processing of an ACL

at a router’s interface.

Each program should read two text files, one containing ACL statements, and another containing a list of IP

addresses that represent packets coming into the interface. The input to the standard ACL program will be just a

list of source IP addresses while the input to the extended ACL program will be a list of source IP address,

destination IP address and port number. The program should process each packet according to the ACL

statements and decide to permit or deny each packet.

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